Moses Mashishi, our own little Kaffir NAZI.

13 10 2008

(For some reason I can’t upload the video, please watch it here;



This little bit of fun is something that appeared on last week’s Afrikaans news on SABC 2.


Moses Mashishi: …in fact, and if that is merit then, we will deal with him; and…


Willie Spies: You want to “deal” with the people, you don’t want to make laws.


Moses Mashishi: Hau, no, no ,no, no,no, no, no…


Willies Spies: Yes……(cut off)


Mashishi: No, no, no, I’ve allowed you to speak. Don’t come with your “Boere-maniere” here. 

                You must get that “white mentality” out of your mind….


Now these are the words of a certain Moses Mashishi, the chairman of SASCOC, the sports parliamentary portfolio commitee. What Willie Spies was bringing up (objecting to) in this meeting was that people were being chosen by race for certain sports. These are the “quota’s” that we hear so much about. To top this off, he is racially insulted by an un-civilised savage that has the audacity to defend his kaffir government’s interference in sport. You will remember this kaffir as the one and only, who (along with his boss Butana Kompela) threatened to have the passports of the white members of the national teams revoked because the teams were too caucasian. (Next thing we know they will interfere in voting, after all it is their ‘right’, votes should reflect the racial make-up of this country, i.e. 90% of the votes should be ANC and if they are not then the cANCer will deem it fit and right to intevene).


Bit of background; Willie Spies is a counciller for the Vryheids-Front Plus. This party was not invited to this parliamentary hearing but they fought their way in  – the cANCer that infects this country blocks their every move as they are becoming highly popular amongst white people in South Africa today, apparently even more so under our youth (after this, they can have my vote any day).


So you see, it is not us who hate the coons, it is them who hate us and we just have the courtesy to return the favour, we are, after all, the civilised party even with our Boere-maniere.  


Let this be a lesson to all you filthy liberal creatures who sell us out on a daily basis and betray everything you are and talk about forgiveness and equality amongst all and the fact that race does not exist – here is proof to the contrary. They will lop your fucking head off and eat your genitals just as easily as they do it to the next whiteman if given the chance.


Thats my bit of negativity for the day, but, chin-up! We still have our good friend AIDS and if mortuaries are anything to go by, old Grim Reaper has been working overtime for us. 


Hey people

31 07 2008

This site has been unfortuanitly slow moving due to us being students and working our arses off to get our degrees.

Please be patient, we wil be back in full force in no time

Survivor South Africa…

10 07 2008

Its true, living in South Africa one has to call yourself a survivor. It just depends when the African spearchuckin’ tribe decides its time for you to be voted off…into a coffin.

Take this for an example:

Taken from

Dries Liebenberg, Beeld

Richards Bay – “Run, love, run!”

With these words, top angler Clive Hunter probably saved his wife’s life. He was shot in the chest moments later – the bullet puncturing his heart and a lung.

Hunter, 35, and his wife Zelda, 34, had been fishing at Pipeline – a popular angling spot in Richards Bay.

Hunter’s father, Errol, said shortly before 18:00, Clive had told Zelda they should pack up, because the other anglers had left.

Then four men appeared from the bushes.

When Clive saw them, he told Zelda she should run into the sea if he gave her the signal to do so.

The men approached the couple from two sides and began chatting to them, said Errol.

When the men began talking in Zulu, Zelda could sense her husband becoming tense. When one of the men produced a firearm, Clive shouted that she should run.

Errol said Zelda had run until she was knee-deep in the water and then had run parallel to the beach to the nearest pier to get help.

While Zelda ran “like never before”, she heard a shot being fired behind her, Errol said on Thursday.

About 300m down the beach Zelda encountered other anglers who went back with her, and they and others looked for Clive in the dark.

His body was found later on the beach.

All the attackers took was Clive’s tackle box worth about R60.

Errol said: “Thank God the children weren’t with them because I don’t know what would’ve happened then.”

The children, 13-year-old Brandon and Megan, six, had been visiting Errol and his wife in Scottburgh when the tragedy struck.

Zelda was to have taken part in her first angling competition this weekend.

Just like that, one moment your fishing the next you have your guts blown out for a measly piece of material crap, this case a friggen toolbox! How can someone accept life like that? Just ignore the fact that each day, each our and in this country each minute could be your last…more non natural deaths in SA than there was in Iraq during the heat of the war,  we outrank war-torn countries in Africa like Sudan.

We have a duty to overthrow a government that oppresses, people who has the power also carries the responsibility for such action, as Abe Lincoln said more or less.

It’s pathetic how we can tolerate such bullshit, we hide behind shame that we created apartheid and that they are the true victims so they are “entitled to rob, rape and murder because of the status quo ante. We are brainwashed not to fight back but to feel sorry for these buggers. C’mon people, we deserve better! STOP CRIME, FIGHT BACK!If you feel threatened, fight! Your life is more worth then any piece-of-shit kaffer. One thing I learned in my Martial Arts training is that always be aware of your surroundings, carry a weapon AND DON’T BE AFRAID to use it, be more trigger happy. Its your life. Your surroundings can indicate a possible area of conflict. Make sure you are in wide open spaces, where you can be in control. You should always be in control of your surroundings. Another thing is that we Martial Artists love our personal space. If a kaffer walks into my 2meter area my senses wake up, adrenalin starts working and I read its body language. If he intrudes your space you step back, if need be you shout at him, make him nervous. This is not being paranoid, it can and will most likely make him stop and ponder and you can take control. It is your duty more so if you have family near you. So yes be paranoid!! You might walk away with your life. If you heed the 2meter perimeter and the kaffer pulls a weapon it gives you more chance to turn and run. A kaffer is useless long range. Even a normal experienced person has trouble firing a 9mm at 2meter plus. a person needs to concentrate on a shot like that and that could buy you time to further the distance thus decreasing the chance of him plugging you in your back. Try zig-zagging whilst you run. It makes it impossible to hit a target.

A mate of mine got into a bar fight the other day. The oke walked up to him and gave him a shot in the face. What really got me steamed is that he said he did not want to fight back because he did not want to make a scene and spoil the night for the people around him. DAMMIT it is your life! To hell with the people around you. If you are threatened fight back!

Less tolerance people. Tap into your inner core and pluck out man’s oldest instinct, survival. Deal with the consequences later. A wise dood(ler) once told me; I’d rather be judged by a jury of twelve than to be carried to my grave by six.

Never start a fight but always finish it! A good martial art philosophy.

We are back!

8 07 2008

Yep it must have been a long time coming being booted off Blogger, since it happened to South Africa Sucks…TWICE!

Well the truth will always be tried to hidden from the public but we wont give up! So to Blogger we say this: UP YOURS! A good sniper finds a spot, fires his ammo and if the need arises moves to another joint to zoom into his targets, the same being done here.

To our rightwing-rightminded-readers, Hello! We’re back and we wil carry on our campaign of terror against the lies, deception and the black plague (AKA: Kaffers, Houtkoppe, ens.) that is turning our once glorious South Africa into another Mogadishu.

I feel that the sinking ship we call home is rapidly filling with more blood of my innocent people and we are closer to hit the bottom of total chaos, so from my point of view I wil be more militant on my ideas, enough to keep my ass out of the chookie though.

Lets see how long we can hold onto WordPress before getting the boot…